Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Casting Call: Hannah

In honor of my book release this month, I am going to be spending some time introducing my characters. I am stealing the idea of the Casting Call from the fantastic author J. F. Jenkins (check out her Dragons saga and her blog:

If someone were to play Hannah in a movie version of In The Spotlight who would that be?

Emma Roberts

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Sixteen year old Hannah lives in a comfortable Midwestern university town with her parents and her younger sister. Her world revolves around the drama club and the spring musical. During her junior year, she auditions for the lead in an original musical written by her longtime crush. She auditions as a way to get him to notice her, as well as to get out from the shadow of her theatrical older sister.

She never expected to get the lead.

I loved writing Hannah because she's such a sweet girl. She has a few really good friends and she's really close to her family, with the exception of her older sister. The relationship between Hannah and each of her sisters was interesting.

Hannah's crush on Kyle eventually collides with her feelings for Josh. Don't worry, you'll get to meet the guys in the coming weeks!

This coming Friday, look for my playlist feature where I will begin introducing songs relevant to the story.

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