Saturday, June 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday--In the Spotlight

Six sentences from my book, In The Spotlight.

“I didn’t interrupt anything too important, I hope,” I said, awkwardly, obviously trying to change the subject. Embarrassed, I took a bite of my pie.

Josh laughed. “Just some intense reruns of Bewitched that I was watching with my mom.”

I laughed with him. In that moment, I couldn’t remember why I’d ever thought that Josh was just a dumb jock, or why I’d thought that Kyle was my love for eternity. This was what love was supposed to feel like, I decided, safe and comfortable.

For more authors, check out the official Six Sentence website.


  1. lol, I was wondering what she had interrupted there! Ach, anyone who watches a housewife witch can't be all bad. Great snippet!

  2. Very sweet snippet. I like this guy!

  3. I missed last week, so I went back and read that post too. This sounds like a terrific book. Congratulations on the release.