Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Author Interview: Pamela and Crystal MacLean

Pamela and Crystal just released their book, Night's Final Hour. I am thrilled to have an interview with them.

Question: Tell me a little about yourself (including your favorite/recommended reads) and how you started writing.

Pamela is a second grade teacher who is also pursuing her Masters of Education. She enjoys spending time with her family, which includes two dogs. She enjoys reading Jane Austen novels and a variety of young adult fiction. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.

Crystal has a degree in Business Administration and Theatre for the Youth. She is currently pursuing her elementary education certification through graduate school. Many of her recent reading selections were young adult fiction. One of her favorite young adult authors is Marianne Curley.

The origin of all evil (in terms of fiction writing for the MacLean sisters) was Barbies. When we were younger, the plot lines for our dolls were very extensive. At times, we even sat down before playing and brainstormed ideas; writing out conversations in dialogue format so that the action could start in medias res.

Question: Tell me about Nights Final Hour. Where did the idea come from?

In all honesty, we had already started three other novels: one about werewolves, one about vampires, and one about general magic. We wanted to try and find something that wasn't so mainstreamed in young adult fiction. We also looked for something that we didn't think we would get overly attached to since we were going to be putting it up on our website each week. Of course, since then, ghosts have become mainstreamed and Night's Final Hour is one of our favorite storylines. I guess the two things we were going for didn't really pan out.

Question: Tell me about your decision to self publish.

Our self-publishing started with By offering the story on our website, we were trying to get our names out there and find some followers who might be interested. We decided to take it one step further by creating a self-published hard copy.

Question: What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Pamela: Love the story you write. If you can't talk about the characters you write about, you probably don't know enough about them.

Crystal: Write for you. Don't write to get published or make money. You'll be more dedicated to what you're doing.

Question: Can you share something about one of the main characters in Night's Final Hour?

Pamela: I'll share something about Ivy. Ivy discovers a lot of herself and the town that she lives in throughout the course of the book.

Crystal: I'll take on Benjamin. Benjamin is the old-school kind of charming guy who's been stuck in a place, just watching as time goes by. I guess that's enough to make anyone have a quick temper.

Question: Can you share a favorite quote from Night's Final Hour?

Pamela: "A small yellow square of paper is stuck to its front, but it peels easily from the surface. I touch the back of the square and discover that it has a strip of a sticky substance. It impresses me that Ivy thought to place glue on the note to make it stick."

Crystal: "An owl is to the night what the rooster is to day; announcer of the change in time."

Question: Where can people find you on the web?

Check out their book on Amazon.

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