Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Five: Favorite Writing Websites

1. Write or Die

This site has helped me get huge amounts written in very short periods of time. I'm not saying that everything written with Write or Die is great or even good, but it does help the old word count. There's something menacing about weird sounds and bright red computer screens that keeps me focused.

2. The Deadline Dames

I started following this blog of nine authors based on a recommendation. Over the past year that I have been reading it, I have found there has been a lot of helpful advice on a whole range of writing related topics. One think I am learning quickly is that I need to take all the advice I can get whether it be in real life or virtual life.


My first novel started out as a NaNo novel. The site has great resources for writers just starting out. And I highly recommend trying NaNo at least once if you have never done it before. The act of getting 50000 words out is a great exercise in discipline. Besides anything can be edited, but not without the words there.

4. Astraea Press blog

The blog of my publisher has a lot of great tips and guest posts from various authors just starting out.

5. Motivating Article
Writing: Find the time or don't by John Scalzi

Everything he says in the article is very true, and I find that rereading it gives me good motivation when I'm having a dryspell.

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