Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's just an e-book...

When I got my first contract (after plenty of rejections), I was so excited. I loved my story and now I was going to be published. I could talk about all sorts of things off of this, and someday I will, like my journey to publication, and the actual submission process, and all things like that.
Today, however, I am going to talk about other people's reactions when I told them I was getting a book published. For the most part people were really excited for me. And, of course, people had a lot of questions about the process and about the book itself. But there was this very small subset of people who got weird when I first told them. Sure, they slapped fake smiles on their faces and nodded along, and then they would utter the words, "But it's just an e-book. That's not quite like a real book."
Shoot a dagger through my heart. Please.
After I heard that reaction a few times, I noticed that I was saying preemptively, sort of as a qualifier so people didn't get weird on me.
I'm done with that, though, because, you know what? My e-book is a real book. And my publisher is a real publisher. And my cover artist is a real cover artist. And on and on.
I worked hard on my book, and I'm proud of it. Just like I'm proud of the novella coming out in October. Just like I hope to be proud of any story I write and have published.
If people feel weird that I have a published book, that's too bad, and I hope their discomfort doesn't last long. I really hope they'll pick up my book and read it for themselves.
To other authors out there, what have your experiences been with this subject?

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  1. Loved this post! And yes, ebooks are "real" books. We get paid for them (LOL). I found some ebooks that I've really enjoyed. I still love buying print books, but I have no qualms about purchasing ebooks either.

    And there is obviously a market for them or we wouldn't have ereaders or publishers willing to do ebooks (LOL).