Saturday, September 3, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: The Hidden Door

This week's selection comes from my upcoming novella, The Hidden Door.

Finally Justin tugs me into a small garden on the side of the law building. This courtyard is hardly ever used. The walls are all overgrown with ivy. We creep along them now, trying desperately to blend in. The leaves crackle with autumn dryness and they scratch the back of my neck. Suddenly something hard thumps me in the small of the back. I start in fear but then I realize that whatever thumped me is inanimate.


  1. Great setting here. I can see and FEEL the whole place. And congrats on your debut release (from a fellow AP author)!

  2. I agree. Brings me back to campus in the fall!

  3. Great scene setting here. Enjoyed the six :)