Friday, September 9, 2011

Sweet Saturday Sample

Title: In the Spotlight
Genre: YA Romance
Author's Note: In this scene the main character, Hannah, is at a sleepover for the girls in the Spring musical cast. We pick up here in the middle of a game of truth or dare.

“Definitely dare,” Jenny repeated.

“Okay,” Kaylee grinned rather smugly. “I dare you to pick a guy from the musical to call and tell that you are sitting in the bathtub thinking about him.”

Jenny’s face flushed red, and for a second I felt kind of sorry for her. I even wondered if Kaylee had gone too far. Finally, Jenny stuck her chin out, and staring straight at me, she said, “I choose Josh.”

There was much shuffling and giggling as Kaylee dug out the list of cast member phone numbers. She recited Josh’s number to Jenny, who squirmed in massive discomfort. Jenny looked like she might puke, so I could only assume she was nervous. While she was waiting, I found myself holding my breath, hoping that Josh
wouldn’t answer, and the more times the phone rang, the more that seemed like a reality.

And then…“Hi, Josh.”

My stomach dropped.

“This is Jenny, silly,” she giggled. “I just had to call you. I’m sitting here in my bath all alone thinking of you. Want to come keep me company?”

Josh said something and Jenny flushed red either from frustration or embarrassment. Then she said, “Well, if you change your mind, you’ve got my phone number.”

There were peals of giddy laughter as Jenny looked smugly around the room. My stomach fell further, until I got distracted by my phone vibrating. I flipped it over and grinned. What was that? I tried not to laugh. Careful not to attract any attention, I texted back. Truth or dare. My fingers actually tingled with excitement from texting Josh. Girl’s sleepover? I knew I shouldn’t keep texting or else someone might notice . It could totally come back to haunt me in this truth or dare game. Still, I couldn’t help myself. You know it.

I was temporarily distracted by the fact that it was Claudia’s turn. She was sitting up completely straight with, like, the best posture I’d ever seen. I swear Claudia really did live for being the center of attention.

“Claudia,” Kaylee said. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Claudia replied with utmost confidence. “Ask me anything.”

Kaylee smiled a smug smile. “How many guys have you slept with?”

Several girls gasped, but Claudia just laughed. “Is that all you’ve got? I’ll only tell you about this year, though.”

Excited smiles flitted around the room.

“Does anyone want to take a guess? Okay, okay. It’s…Kyle!”

The gasps and squeals that filled the room were deafening. I felt sick to my stomach. Without being noticed, due to the chaos Claudia’s announcement caused, I slipped out of the choir room and made my way to the bathroom just in case I puked.

I pressed a cool paper towel to my forehead and neck and felt slightly less nauseated, but almost more sick in my heart. Just as I felt tears prick my eyes again, my phone vibrated. Wish I was there to be with you. I was going to be okay.


  1. I'm feeling Hannah's emotions. Very strong scene!

  2. Using Hannah's emotions to present the game makes for a very powerful sample.

  3. Who doesn't remember the days of truth or dare :) Very emotional sample. Thanks for sharing!

  4. No comment about the game Jennifer. Very emotional with the nausea always there as a reminder of how it can end up

  5. I love this. The girls are so real and their dialogue is completely believable. Great job.