Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sweet Saturday Sample

Title: In the Spotlight
Genre: YA Romance

“Come up here,” Josh said. “We really should practice, don’t you think?”

“Um, yeah,” I agreed, slightly distracted by the fact that I was in an empty auditorium with Josh in the middle of the school day.

Josh continued to look at me expectantly. “Well?” He finally prompted, a small smirk curling the corners of his mouth. He had to stop doing that because it was really one of my favorite looks on him, and it really did drive me to the point of total and complete distraction. I think he knew exactly what he was doing at that point too.

“Right,” I nodded, making a feeble attempt to hop up on the stage beside Josh, but really only succeeding in humiliating myself as my feet dangled for a moment and my hands turned pink where the edge of the stage bit into them.

Laughing, Josh jumped up, and offered me his hand. I accepted readily, and allowed myself to be, well, hoisted up onto the stage.

“So,” I began. “What do you want to rehearse?”

Josh grinned, and I felt my heart flutter wildly in my chest.

He took my hand without answering and led me to the center of the stage. When he started singing, I knew exactly which scene we were rehearsing. Our kiss scene. Ms. Bard had blocked it out but we had yet to actually, well, practice our kiss.

I let him lead me through the movements, all the while my mind racing ahead to the actual kiss. I was scared and excited all at the same time.

When I joined him in the song, my voice trembled. I couldn’t help it, and in an instant, I knew Josh heard the shakiness because he looked at me with a little concern. Still as he dipped his head to complete the scene, I let myself fall into the moment.

“Hey! What are you kids doing?”


  1. Oh no! You can't stop there! Great sample :)

  2. Oops caught in the almost act.

  3. Noooo! Don't stop! What comes next?

  4. Oh, so close! Maybe next time. Very cute scene.