Thursday, September 22, 2011

Write. Or don't.

That's the best advice I've ever read. Write or don't. The choice is yours. How empowering and how terrifying all at the same time.
For me I struggle daily to make time for my writing. That doesn't mean that my writing isn't important to me everyday. It is, but it is a struggle. My excuses for not finding the time to write vary from simple (but very real) exhaustion, to a myriad of other things, like having to clean the fish. Right now! (Really. It's gross.)
When I am making excuses I have to stop and remind myself that I am doing what I want to be doing with my life. I am raising my kids and writing stories that I want to tell.
I think that everyone should be encouraged to do what they really want with their lives. Why be miserable or mediocre?
My mom and my sister are great examples of pursuing dreams.
My sister graduated from college last May, and she decided she wanted to get a job in Washington D.C. with an NGO. She applied. And applied. And applied. Nothing. So she kept going. Then she got an interview with an NGO that she absolutely wanted to work for. And...she got the job! She moves tomorrow. I hope this experience lives up to her dreams.
And then there is my mom, who I am so proud of. My mom has a lot of degrees, including a Ph.D. in history. But she wanted to be a teacher. She simply wasn't happy with the job she had, so she went back to school and got her certification to teach high school english and history. She also applied for tons of jobs. Well, the school year started and she hadn't been hired anywhere. Then last week she got hired at the very school she student taught at. A teacher had been hired elsewhere and was leaving mid-semester. She'll be starting Oct.3. She will be amazing. I know she will.
So tell me, if you aren't doing what you want to, what you dream of, what is it you would love to be doing?

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