Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Guest Post: Author Dana R. Lynn

An Inconvenient Courtship by Dana R.  Lynn
Have you ever had dream that you had to put aside...sometimes for years? That was me. I had wanted to be a writer ever since I could remember. I was always watching people and dreaming up stories about them. But I never seemed to have the time to sit down and write a full manuscript, or even a novella.  Looking back, I think it was more about fear than an actual lack of time.    Then I married and started my own family. Now I truly had little time. As the children grew, however, the dream re-emerged. 
But what to write?
The choice to write a Pride and Prejudice variation novella was an easy one. I love regency romance,  and Jane Austen was the queen of that genre. At least in my mind.  I had several plots in my mind, so I picked one and started writing. And was floored when Astraea Press offered me a contract.  Very soon, I was working on edits for my first contracted book.
As I was editing, Love Inspired Suspense announced a contest to find new romantic suspense authors.
Love Inspired was a favorite line of mine, so I took a chance and entered...and on July 2, 2014 was offered a contract.  Wow! God is good!
I'm thrilled that I will be able to share An Inconvenient Courtship on October 14 and Presumed Guilty on April 15, 2015.
And I hope to have many more stories to share in the future.
Dana R. Lynn

Thanks Dana!

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