Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Prepping For Nano

National Novel Writing Month is almost upon us. In some ways it's my favorite month of the year, a chance to write with wild abandon, to work on any project I want without apology. There have been years that I have won, and those stories have turned into published novels for me. And then there are the years that I have failed miserably.

For me to be successful, I need to plan ahead, so right now I'm in the thick of planning for November. This is what that looks like for me:

1. I do character prep/outline/anything that I need to make the story better, but that I won't have time to do in November.

2. Prep all my kids schoolwork for the month. We homeschool, so if I make sure that everything that we are doing for the month is ready to go so I don't have anything extra to do in that area.

3. I try to plan all our meals for the month. This area is kind of hit or miss for me, but things obviously go more smoothly when I do.

4. I make sure that I have some treats on hand, like chai tea and PB2 (the most delicious powdered peanut butter ever!)

5. Planning in time to exercise and read, both of which help keep me sane.

6. I try to schedule my writing time, being realistic about some of the days that will be harder for me to write on (Thanksgiving, for example), and adjust accordingly.

7. This year I'm also planning ahead to December so I'm not blindsided with Christmas stuff when Nano is over.

8. I'm also trying to get into the mindset that some writing days will be better than others. That one might be the most important for me. :)

What do you do to get ready for Nano? Will you be participating this year?

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  1. I've been doing doing nanowrimo. :-D I'm not going to make 50k but I've gotten farther than before in the previous rounds, so I am pleased.