Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year's Resolutions

We are already eleven days into the new year. Did you make any resolutions? I know that a lot of people aren’t fans of resolutions because they view them as ways to fail, but me? I love resolutions. I view them as a way to accomplish things, to make myself better.

So I’m sharing my resolutions here, on my blog, to keep myself accountable. I will update monthly, if anyone is following along. Let me know what your New Year’s resolutions are.

My resolutions are broken into twelve categories of ten items each. 

1.       Have a real work schedule
2.       Advertise/expand ghostwriting
3.       Blog consistently
4.       Use Instagram consistently
5.       Use Twitter consistently
6.       Finish all work on time
7.       Find consistent freelance clients
8.       Learn about SEO
9.       Find 5 creative marketing avenues
10.   Get 10 new freelance clients

Personal Writing:
1.       Finish BB
2.       Finish UtBT
3.       Finish AFM
4.       Finish AFL
5.       Submit to HQ
6.       Finish F story
7.       Finish TA story
8.       Finish TLS
9.       TBD
10.   TBD

1.       Get X amount in savings
2.       Pay off CC
3.       Pay off CO
4.       Pay off D
5.       Send monthly finance email to hubs
6.       Pay in cash whenever possible
7.       Read finance articles once a week
8.       Save for new furnace
9.       Invest something in something
10.   Budget every month

1.       Go to Minneapolis
2.       Go to South Dakota
3.       Go to Tucson
4.       Go to Missouri
5.       Go to Madison
6.       Go to the beach
7.       Go to Buffalo
8.       Go to Dubuque
9.       Go to Springfield
10.   Go to Moline

1.       Buy one meaningful stocking stuffer per month.
2.       Save for gifts
3.       Gather elf gifts by November
4.       Order blankets by June
5.       Have countdowns ready by November
6.       Make ornaments to gift
7.       Have 3 Advent countdowns ready
8.       Hand make Christmas cards
9.       Buy new tree
10.   Read A Christmas Carol

Health & Fitness:
1.       Lose 40 lbs
2.       Get gums taken care of
3.       Spend 20 mins outside per day
4.       Try 1 new workout per month
5.       Go to Y weekly (Jan-May and Oct-Dec)
6.       Hit 10K steps 2x/week
7.       Do a smoothie cleanse 1 day per month
8.       Go for physical
9.       Read health and fitness articles weekly
10.   Try online workout videos

1.       Washing Machine
2.       Bed spread
3.       Dishwasher
4.       Bed
5.       Fitbit
6.       Suit for hubs
7.       New coats/boots/gloves/snowpants by November
8.       3 museum memberships
9.       New shoes
10.   New air conditioning for car

1.       Take to Ashton splash pad
2.       Rent a bounce house
3.       Go to Moline botanic garden
4.       Ride a water taxi
5.       Go to Santa’s Village
6.       Go to NIU basketball game
7.       Go to NIU football game
8.       See a magic show
9.       Go to the zoo
10.   Go to at least 1 movie in the theater

Kids’ School Stuff:
1.       Go on castle field trip
2.       Take June and December off
3.       In depth study of 1 gospel during Lent
4.       Prep each semester (Spring/Summer/Fall) in advance
5.       Do Latin
6.       Set up braille unit
7.       Go to NIU observatory
8.       Plan 3 field trips
9.       Go to library once a week
10.   Read 24 chapter books together

1.       A’s room
2.       Boys’ room
3.       Our room
4.       Garage
5.       Christmas stuff
6.       Basement
7.       Kitchen/pantry
8.       Make 2 emergency kits (one for basement and one for car)
9.       Update baby/memory books
10.   Files

1.       Attend Mass every Sunday
2.       Read 1 spiritual book per month
3.       Attend the “God Is” retreat
4.       Pray at the Corpus Christi Monastery
5.       Do everything for RE in advance
6.       Fast during Lent
7.       Do Bible reading daily
8.       Go to reconciliation in March and December
9.       Visit shrines and churches on vacation
10.   Read Pope Francis’ writings

1.       Read 100 books
2.       Win Nano
3.       Try 1 new recipe per week
4.       Hike once a week
5.       Do 1 craft project per week
6.       Write Lisa 1 letter per month
7.       Journal every day
8.       Have one no spend month
9.       Go one month without eating out
10.   Draw every day for a month

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