Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Summer Vacay Series

Every spring as the school year wound down, I would start to count the days until we left for vacation (to South Dakota). This continued until well into my college years. As the days led up to the trip, I  would make list after list of things to take with me. When I had finalized my lists, I would pack and repack, to make sure that I had done everything as perfectly as possible.

When we finally left for the trip, I would take such pleasure in arranging my area of the car just so. I loved driving for hours on end, and having so much uninterrupted time to think, to daydream.

My husband and I have continued the road tripping tradition with our own kids. We leave in the wee hours of the morning when it is still dark out. (Truth: it's the only time we like getting up early.) There are car presents and fun stops along the way. And miles of road.

I'm already looking forward to all the trips we've got planned for this year. In honor of the glory that is the road trip, I'm starting a series this summer called The Summer Vacay Series. I've got lots of fun posts planned from my own travels, but I've also got some fantastic guest bloggers lined up as well.

I'd also love to hear from my readers, what have your favorite road trips been?

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