Thursday, April 21, 2016

Three Quick Questions: Author Arthur Butt

Today I welcome fellow author, Arthur Butt, who has written a series of fantastic fantasy novels for young adults. 

1.       Who is your favorite character?

My favorite character would have to be AJ from The Rod of Reality, and of course, the other main character Princess Tanaquill (call me Tana, for short). AJ is my son who asked me to write him a story about him and his pet lizard Thor, so I did.

2.       If the main character went on vacation, where would it be?

With all the adventures AJ and Tana have in The Rod of Reality and later in the sequel Goblin War, AJ would be happy to go on vacation in his backyard, sitting in a lawn chair, and sipping a cold ice tea. (Too bad in the 3rd of the series, soon to be released, he has to go North to Asgard and fight in Ragnarok, the Norse end of the world).

3.       Advice to aspiring writers.

Simple enough. Write. Write a story and send it out. Start on another and send that one out. Remember, the cowards never started and the weak died on the way.

And, as an added bonus, Arthur has given us a sneak peek of the cover of his third book in the series! 

Isn't it great?

To buy Arthur's books, check out the link below:

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