Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Three Quick Questions:Author L.K. Kuhl

Today I'm excited to welcome author L.K. Kuhl to talk about her book, Chasm. 


1. Where would your main character go for a dream vacation? 

Taylor Vine is my 28 year old main character. She has two young children and divorced. She often feels harried and frazzled, so I think her dream vacation would be the beach in Hawaii. She needs a break from all of life's stresses. If she could be stretched out on a sandy beach, lounging in the sun, the breeze blowing through her hair, she would be rejuvenated and filled with newfound hope, being able to give her children the much needed attention they deserve after having their father desert them.

2. Where do you draw your inspiration from? 
The inspiration for my books comes from things that have actually happened either to me or someone I know. Sometimes even from news articles. Although they are still fictional stories, some of the parts are true.
I got the idea to write Chasm because my husband used to be an engineer for the railroad. Although my husband never worked with this gentleman directly, one of the engineers on the railroad hit and killed his wife and children with the train he was driving. It was no fault of the engineer. The wife did it deliberately to get back at her husband, the engineer. The engineer said the last thing he saw was his children looking up at him from the windows of the car.
Although this is a work of fiction, and this is just a story between two, make-believe people, I felt compelled to tell his story about how utterly and completely devastating this would be. The engineer was never able to return to work after this.

3. Describe your book in 3 words: 
Heartbreaking, Hope, Forgiveness

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