Thursday, May 12, 2016

Unfold your own myth.

The newspaper article was buried deep within the paper, only two paragraphs long. "Buffalo return to the Illinois prairie." I was interested because the herd they were using to restore the herd came from Wind Cave National Park (one of my favorite places in South Dakota) and the prairie land they were introducing the bison to was only about 45 minutes from home. I couldn't wait to see these beautiful, majestic creatures on my home turf, where they rightfully belonged.

I took my kiddos to see the buffalo the other day. You are never guaranteed that you'll be able to see even one because they have acres and acres of land to roam, not all visible from trails or the road. We lucked out, though, and saw this bull in the distance. While we watched him graze, the thought occurred to me that someone at some point in the recent past sat down and said, "I have a great idea! Let's get a bison herd for this little patch of preserved prairie here!"

Somehow that person overcame the obvious hurdles from logistics to other people, and lo there is now a bison herd on the prairie in Illinois. That person forged a path fueled by creative thinking, and he or she didn't let obstacles get in their way. I'm sure the process wasn't an easy one (just think how hard it would be to get the bison from South Dakota to Illinois), but because of the perseverance of this person, the dream became a reality.

I am moving down a new path with my writing, and I'm hopeful that I can forge my way despite the obstacles that will inevitably come up. I'll post more about my new projects as the time is right, and I hope that anyone reading this continues to fight for their dreams as well.

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