Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Enjoying: October

    I know that the above quote is wildly overused, but that's probably because it's so true. I can't think of a month I like better than October, though December comes in a close second, because Christmas.

   October for me is when the world seems full to bursting with fun and excitement. We have two of our kids' birthdays, loads of fall festivals and parades, and trips to the apple orchard. My husband and my oldest son get really into Halloween. And everywhere we look there are trees like that one in the picture.

So far this month we've been enjoying...

Cool campfires with cousins visiting from out of state. (It's a campfire that burns in a log!)

Apple picking. (There seem to be more apples on the ground than there are on the tree.)

The fun animals at the apple orchard. (That goat is the greediest one in the pen. He liked to steal all the other animals food whenever the kids tried to feed them.)

Long morning walks around the local college campus, especially at the pond where we get to see all kinds of beautiful water birds.

I'm grateful that there are a lot more October days left before the blustery winds of November come knocking at the door.

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