Thursday, October 13, 2016

Guest Post, Anna Henderson, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

I'm so excited to have my little sister, Anna, on my blog today. As part of a fabulous new feature, Anna will be guest blogging here once a month. She's got a fierce sense of style that  she's developed all on her own over the years. Honestly, she looks great no matter what she's doing. Her Instagram account is a budding fashion and lifestyle feed. Check out her late summer looks, and stay tuned for her fall looks soon!

 This dress I got at a flea market, actually. The designer took old men's work shirts and sewed them into the bottom of the dress. I think this is such a neat idea, and she has so many different styles that she does. Recently I went back to her stand and she was now making skirts of the same materials, which I would love to get. What I like about this dress is that it is totally unique. No one will ever have this exact dress. I love the color scheme she chose, with the blues and blacks. But my favorite element is probably the cute little pocket she sewed on the bottom portion of the torso part.

 How would you describe your personal style?
 I've always described my style as a bit vintage, mostly 60s mod, with a modern, rustic element to it.
 Where do you think you got your style from?
  It might sound kind of arrogant but I've just developed it on my own. Of course culture plays a significant part, but it has played a less significant role lately for me. 
 Do you have any style influences? Where do you look for style inspiration?
  I absolutely love the fashion in older movies, specifically musicals from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. If I could just hop into the screen and wear exactly what the women wear in those movies, I would be in heaven. When I'm shopping, even at a chain store like Target, I tend to pick clothes that reflect a more vintage look.
 This outfit is probably my favorite of the bunch. The skirt is absolutely exquisite, in my opinion. It has so much movement to it, like it's a waterfall you can wear! The lace top was perfect for this outfit. Because the skirt is looser, I wanted to have a top that was a tighter fit, so I don't get lost in fabric. When I tuck shirts into skirts or pants, I prefer the top to be a tight fit. To me it has a cleaner look. The boots I'm wearing are awesome too. They are high topped, and though you can't see it in the picture, there's lace on the sides. I don't wear them much, but when I do I feel like a style warrior!
What are your style rules? 
  My number one style rule is to be comfortable in what I'm wearing. And to me that doesn't mean just physically comfortable, but I have to feel like myself in the clothes I have on. It might sound silly, but it builds confidence. I've been told that I dress pretty modestly, as in my shirts tend to be higher cut and my clothes aren't super tight fitting, but that's just my personality. It might not be "trendy," to dress that way, especially these days , but I'd rather be myself than try to fit into a cultural norm. 
 Where do you find/shop for your clothes?
  A lot of my clothes I find on ModCloth. It is the best clothing site I have ever found. They sell newly made clothes that have vintage twists to them. They're a bit pricey, but usually I'll take screenshots of the clothes I want so I can save up for an item I've really been wanting. It makes it more special.
 How would you talk about beauty to young girls? What would have been important to you to hear as a little girl?
I think this subject is so, so important. Girls these days have so much pressure on them to grow up too quickly, and a huge part of that is the clothes they wear. All girls should feel confident in their clothes, but it's important for adults, especially women, to encourage them to dress their age. Girls and young women should dress for themselves, not for their peers, their crushes, or anyone else. I would want to hear as a young girl these days that clothes should be fun and exciting, not something I feel pressured into. We have our whole lives to have to dress in ways we may not like, for work or whatever else. When you're young, clothes are about self expression and experimentation. 
 This outfit is definitely my most "vintage" look of the three. I love mustard yellow. If I could have all of my clothes have mustard yellow in them I would be a happy camper. But I like the skirt as well for its shape. The sweater I actually got at a vintage shop in my hometown, which sadly has closed now. But it's the perfect little sweater, and the roses match the color of the skirt perfectly. I love how short the sweater is, and the buttons are faux pearls.
 What tips would you offer to people looking to find/define their own style?
 For people looking for their own style, I would say, do what makes you feel like you. A lot of times, people just follow the trends. That's easy to do, but most of the time those trendy things aren't flattering for most people. It's also more expensive to constantly follow the trends, because they usually become very un-stylish quickly. I would just say, find classic pieces that make you feel confident, and slowly add different elements to your wardrobe. 
 How do you choose accessories?
Most of my accessories I get from random little places. What's fun about jewelry is that the best kinds are often handmade. I'd say about 90 percent of my jewelry I've gotten out West from Lakota artists. It's a great way to make a statement in your clothing while still being tasteful and subtle. I have many statement earrings that I pair with simple outfits, and then the focus is on the jewelry.
Where can readers find more of your fabulous style?
I'll hopefully *fingers crossed* be featured on this blog again for the different seasons. Otherwise I'm attempting to make my Instagram account into a fashion account of sorts, but it's still in its early stages. 
Thank you, Anna! I can't wait until your next post! To see more of Anna's fashion, check out her Instagram account.

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  1. Wonderful questions, thoughtful, thought-provoking answers. I'm the proud father of both collaborators, but my opinion would be the same if I never heard of these people.

    Don Henderson