Friday, November 4, 2016

Books Read So Far In November

My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh

Synopsis:  In the summer of 1989, a Baton Rouge neighborhood best known for cookouts on sweltering summer afternoons, cauldrons of spicy crawfish, and passionate football fandom is rocked by a violent crime when fifteen-year-old Lindy Simpson—free spirit, track star, and belle of the block—is attacked late one evening near her home. As the dark side of this idyllic stretch of Southern suburbia is revealed, the close-knit neighborhood is irreversibly transformed. (via

Thoughts: It was a good book. I saw it recommended on a blog that I read, and thought that I would give it a try. The story was well put together, but there were parts of the story that felt incomplete. I know that some people enjoy stories that don't tie everything up in a nice bow, but I felt unsatisfied at the end.

Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin


Rose Howard is obsessed with homonyms. She's thrilled that her own name is a homonym, and she purposely gave her dog Rain a name with two homonyms (Reign, Rein), which, according to Rose's rules of homonyms, is very special. Not everyone understands Rose's obsessions, her rules, and the other things that make her different – not her teachers, not other kids, and not her single father.
When a storm hits their rural town, rivers overflow, the roads are flooded, and Rain goes missing. Rose's father shouldn't have let Rain out. Now Rose has to find her dog, even if it means leaving her routines and safe places to search. (via

Thoughts: Remember when Ann M. Martin wrote Babysitters' Club books? This is not one of those books. I picked this one up at the library, and decided to read it before reading it to my kids. It's such a heartbreaking story. You automatically fall in love with the main character. She's such a sweet girl who doesn't entirely understand what's going on in the world around her. I definitely recommend this book.

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