Friday, November 11, 2016

Guest blogger Anna Henderson: Using Fashion to Empower Women in the Post-election Landscape

My initial post about these clothes was going to be about fall colors and how the beauty in them is reflected in these outfits. However, I think it's more important to talk about how women and girls use fashion to express themselves. If any of you read the first post I was featured on, you would have read my advice to young girls about fashion. 

We are now living in a country where ideas about femininity and womanhood are being threatened by negative mysoginistic voices, and we cannot shrink or be diminished by them. I am proud to look the way I do, and I am proud of the ways I choose to present myself. I dress for myself, and so should every woman out there. 

My quirky style is something that I think defines me, and I stand by it fervently. Not every woman will be or should be defined by her style, but she should be defined by her uniqueness. 

We cannot let men define standards of womanhood for us- we must define it for ourselves. I can't define what womanhood should mean to you, nor can your mother, best friend, significant other, or even Hillary Clinton. But we can decide together to promote self-expression that makes us strong and diverse as women. We can never allow these negative voices, no matter how strong or prevalent they may be, to have any affect on our self image or self worth.

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