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People Who Inspire Me: Lisa Apodaca

   When I was fifteen years old there was this syndicated column in our local paper called Tween 12 and 20. Every year you could write in to request a penpal, and the people at the column would match you up with another teen around your age. 

     I was blessed to be matched with a girl who has been my penpal for 22 years. Recently she has embarked on a new venture in her life, and I think that she's an inspiration. She has five kids who she homeschools, and yet she has found time to become a Plexus ambassador as a work from home business. I've invited her on the blog today to share a little about her journey and what she does. 

     Please note that I am not affiliated with Plexus, and this is in not a sponsored post.


         1.  Tell me about Plexus.
Plexus is a health and wellness company that creates natural, plant-based products which help people to gain optimum health from the inside out, focusing mainly on improving gut-health, reducing inflammation, detoxing the body, and balancing blood sugar levels.

        2.   How did you find out about it in the first place? 

I originally became familiar with Plexus through my older son's godmother. She had recently started taking the products, was already experiencing amazing results, and had become a distributor herself. She brought it up in a chat we were having one day.

        3.  What's your personal experience been with Plexus?

My personal experience with Plexus has been completely positive. We originally started just my husband on the products because his health was in such poor shape. It had been for a long time. He responded very well to the products in ways I had never seen in the thirteen years of our relationship. The number one thing was that his sleeping had vastly improved. That was huge for us. There were no negative side effects whatsoever that we personally experienced. Once I became a distributor, we bumped up his regimen of products, and I began taking them and giving them to our children as well. I've seen various positive results for each of us. It's all been a complete blessing.

As far as being a distributor, or "ambassador" as is my title, my experience in that regard has been equally as positive. The more I learn about this company and the longer I am with it, the more I am impressed. I have never personally worked with another MLM company, but, from what I have learned and heard from others who do have that experience, Plexus blows other companies out of the water. I even devoted one of my Facebook posts to this very topic, listing some of the main differences between our company versus others. 

I have complete faith in our products. They continue to benefit myself and my whole family. I have earned a paycheck every month since I have started working with Plexus, and those paychecks have increased in amount each subsequent month. Those things are the foundation of what I know about this company and are what convince me that I am here to stay.

       4.   What made you decide to become an ambassador? 

Becoming an ambassador was a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned, though, that doesn't mean that my husband and I approached it lightly. We loved the results my husband was getting and very much wanted to continue using that particular product. However, paying that amount each month indefinitely was not an option. In the meanwhile, my husband was coming home from work day after day telling me how he was referring his various co-workers to our friend and her website. It would just naturally come up in his conversations with people. It didn't take long to realize that starting my own business, to at least help pay for our products, was an idea worth considering. I mean, if he was going to refer people anyways, he might as well be referring them to me so that maybe we could make a little commission off of it. We began praying about it, and a few months later, when Plexus had a promotion which reduced the entry fee for newly signed ambassadors, we decided it was time to jump in and take the plunge.

        5.   Owning your own business can be intimidating, what is the best/most exciting thing about jumping into it? 

Actually, beginning a business with Plexus seemed to be the least intimidating way you could ever possibly start a business, which played a huge part in our decision. Financially, you're only required to invest $34.95, and I could live with losing that much (or that little, rather) if we felt things weren't working out.

However, the best part of it, all I'd have to say, is being part of a hugely supportive network of amazing people while at the same time retaining sole control of my business. If I were left to do this all on my own, I can confidently tell you that I would have likely been paralyzed into indecision of what direction in which to start. What I quickly learned, though, is that by joining Plexus, I automatically became part of an enormous team of like-minded, entrepreneurs who want you to succeed almost as much as they want themselves to succeed.  Everyone loves what they do here and are willing to help you achieve your dreams right alongside them.

   6.  What advice would you give to other people who are considering becoming a Plexus ambassador (or anyone really who is starting to think about owning a business of their own)? 

To those considering becoming a Plexus ambassador, or to anyone starting a business of their own, I would say, make sure that the field you are going into is something for which you have an absolute passion and that you surround yourself with others who won't let you give up on your vision and your dreams. Otherwise, it will be way too easy to give up when things aren't going the way you had planned.

      7.   How do you find your clients? 

Right now, I find my clients mainly through social media, particularly Facebook. However, since that arena is obviously limited, it is crucial that I keep it growing consistently in order to add to my number of prospective clients. I do this by getting to know people and making small talk with others wherever I go. If we are enjoying each other's company, I ask if it's okay to send him/her a friend request so that we can keep in touch. That way, I have a solid connection with which to get to know that person better in the future and possibly detect whether or not he/she might be interested in either the products or the business side or both. In the meanwhile, that person will also be able to see my posts regarding my business so that he/she can learn about what I do and why it excites me so much.

        8.  What's your marketing strategy like?

My marketing strategy can be summed up in three words: Intrigue, Excite, Invite.  By intrigue, what I mean is that I think it's best to be subtle in getting people's attention as opposed to getting in their face with blatant product ads and the company name. Instead, I try to promote the great health my family is experiencing, the awesome natural ingredients, how much fun I'm having in this business...and get people to ASK ME more for more info. That way they don't feel like they're being sold something and get on the defensive. No one wants to be sold to. If the person's interest is held, I invite him/her to learn more and try the products and/or the business for themselves. 

       9.  Where can people contact you if they want more information about Plexus?

      If anyone wants to learn more about  Plexus, they can email me: or check out my website:

    Thank you so much, Lisa, for sharing all this with us! 

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