Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 3 Challenge: Summer in January

Tuesday Challenge: Week 3
How did you do with the poetry challenge?
Did it confirm or rekindle your love of poetry?
Did it help pass the last week (especially if it was difficult for you)?
Did it help transport you away from winter, if even just for a moment?
My update:
I have been reading Sun and Saddle Leather by Badger Clark, but I didn’t finish it in the week I allotted for it. I find that poetry takes me much longer to read than a regular book because poems demand to be savored, word by word, line by line. 

I also managed to write one haiku on Instagram for the Women's March. 

This week's challenge: Do something summery. 

What do you associate as purely summer? 

Pick something and do it in January, in the heart of winter. Report back next week!

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