Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Winter Challenge Week Two: Pretty Pretty Poetry

So how did you do with our little dance challenge this past week? Did it help make the doldrums of winter a little brighter?

I made a point to make playlists of dance music for the car. On our way around errands or picking up my husband for work the kids and I had car dance parties. We also had a dance party with my mom, and I have to say that one of the bright points of my week was trying to learn the Gangnam Style dance with my mom.

Week 2 Challenge: Poetry

This week let's plunge into poetry.

Now before you click away thinking that this sounds boring or too complicated, hear me out.

I actually love poetry, but I definitely do not spend enough time reading or creating it.

So this week I thought a good challenge would be to make some time for things like reading poetry, writing poetry, watching poetry being read.

Find a kind of poetry that you like. Go back to your childhood and read some Dr. Seuss or some Shel Silverstein. Challenge yourself with some classics like Shakespeare. Or find a new poet.

Write poetry. Freeform, rhyming, haiku. Share it or keep it to yourself. Try something new.

Check out this cool YouTube channel: Poetry Slam.

As for me, I'm planning on reading Sun and Saddle Leather by Badger Clark.

I'm also planning on posting a haiku a day to my Instagram, so follow along if you're interested.

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