Monday, October 9, 2017

Candy Corn Jello

I like countdowns. We countdown a lot of things in our house: days until we leave for a vacation, days until Christmas, days until birthdays. But I've never done one for Halloween. So this year I decided to do a 31 Days of Halloween fun through the month of October. I made up a list of different things (movies to watch, places to go, crafts to make, and food to try) and today we made candy corn jello.

This was super simple to make. We used orange jello, pineapple jello, and Cool Whip. First you make the orange jello according to the box directions. Wait for it to set, and then make the pineapple jello (although you could also use the lemon jello). And then you let that set. Before serving you spread Cool Whip on top.