Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What our homeschooling looks like right now...

Every year each of the kids has a curriculum book that keeps them at a similar age-appropriate grade level as their peers. They have math, science, reading, English, writing, and grammar, as well as reading comprehension. For the rest of school we supplement with books from the library, documentaries, and field trips. Lots of field trips.

In March, in addition to our regular school lessons, we're studying:

Real world math
Emily Dickinson
Countries of Europe
the Stone Age
Ancient Egypt
Writing to Inform
Ancient China
Andy warhol
Red Cloud
Annie Oakley
Daniel Boone
Nursery Rhymes
Hansel and Gretel
Memorizing prayers
And so much more.

Our field trips (so far) have included a local history museum, children's discovery science museum, and a fairly large airport. We saw a play (and are planning to see another.) They took a STEM class (with another one coming up.)

Some months are busier than others, and some months I have more motivation than others. I am hoping that I can move this motivation forward into the rest of Spring so we can finish our school year strong.